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The best Lincolnshire Potatoes freshly chipped everyday

Quality and preparation

We fry only the best quality fish. All our fish is skinned and boned just like you remember from days at the seaside. We are now sourcing all our fish from a Sustainable Managed Fishing Company, often being line caught.

We use local potatoes which are sourced by Tim, our trusted Potato Merchant. He supplies us with the potatoes which are at their best for the time of year. We often use Aggria, which are of course famous for their crispy coating and soft, fluffy insides creating the perfect chip.

Supplied by local Lincolnshire farmers and chipped fresh each day. When Aggria are not available or at their best, at these times we choose from other varieties of potato many of which have been grown specifically to produce a great tasting chip. We will personally taste and select the best possible potatoes to ensure you are getting the best possible chips.

To give our Fish & Chips the best flavour we fry in beef dripping. This is traditional to British Fish & Chips and what enhances the flavour, just like using goose fat on your roast potatoes.

Our peas are soaked overnight and cooked fresh each morning so we can give our customers old fashioned real mushy peas.

We spend up to 4 hours preparing food for the day before we open and take great pride in our raw produce. We always strive to produce the finest quality fish and chips.

We strive to produce the best product. Our pursuit of quality doesn't end with the food. We train our staff in Health and Hygeine and Customer Service to ensure you get the best service possible.

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